Toolkit (client only)

The Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit is your “consultant in a box” to help you foster a culture of ownership on a foundation of values.

The Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit features a structured and systematic process for cultivating a more positive, productive, and resilient organization.  Using a construction metaphor, we walk your team through a process of developing a plan for the Invisible Architecture of core values, culture, and emotional attitude.  Each of the six modules in this process includes a leader’s guide, a one-hour webinar, and a wealth of supplemental resources.  The Toolkit will give your team the tools you need to spark a cultural transformation and the inspiration to use them.

Module 1: From Accountability to Ownership – Rewiring your Organization for a Culture of Ownership

In today’s turbulent and competitive world, a highly engaged workforce and a culture of ownership are the only sustainable sources of competitive advantage.  Mere accountability is no longer enough; accountability is externally imposed motivation (having your feet held to the fire, being held accountable with rewards and punishments); a spirit of ownership is intrinsic motivation that does not require having someone else hold you accountable.  This module covers 15 general strategies to foster a culture of ownership, provides a simple cultural assessment tool, and challenges your team with 37 questions to spark thinking for the next five modules.

Module 2: The Invisible Architecture of Your Organization

In this module, we begin the process of creating “the blueprint behind the blueprint” for your organization, and crafting a culture plan to reinforce and complement your strategic plan.  Using examples of best and worst practices from multiple industries, we challenge your team to think in new ways about your Invisible Architecture, and to create a source of competitive distinction based on your core values, corporate culture, and emotional attitude.  The Toolkit for this module includes 10 practical tools and strategies, including extended treatment of The Self-Empowerment Pledge and strategies to help your managers be more effective speakers and storytellers.

Module 3: The Foundation of Core Values

Your core values should define who you are, what you stand for, and what you won’t stand for.  In this module, we use tools like the Values è Behaviors è Outcomes continuum, and the Values Clarification Drill to help your team appreciate the power (and in many cases the missed opportunities for building culture) or your statement of values.  We will explore the how and when to revisit, revise, and reinvigorate your organization’s values, and strategies to inspire your people to relate their own personal values to the values, vision, and mission of the organization.  We will look at innovative ways to package, present, and promote your values so they don’t look like generic boilerplate that could just as well grace the walls of a competing organization without anyone noticing.

Module 4: The Superstructure of Corporate Culture

It’s often said that culture eats strategy for lunch, but most organizations do not have a culture plan to reinforce their strategic plan.  This module begins by describing why culture trumps strategy, explores the culture-strategy interface, describes essential qualities for building a culture of ownership, explains why we need cultural toughness and resilience today more than ever before, and shares practical tools and strategies for fostering a more positive, productive, and resilient culture.

Module 5: Interior of Emotional Attitude

The aphorism “attitude is everything” applies to organizations as well as individuals.  In this module, we explore why the collective self-talk, self-image, and emotional baggage of your people creates an invisible ceiling on the performance potential of your organization.  We then share strategies for creating cultural intolerance to toxic emotional negativity, including The Pickle Challenge for a more positive and productive workplace.  The goal, and an important part of the Values Coach mission, is to help you eradicate toxic emotional negativity from the workplace, the way not so long ago we eradicated toxic cigarette smoke.

Module 6: From Transactional to Transforming Leadership

Core Action Value #12 in our course on The Twelve Core Action Values is leadership.  In this module, we cover The Four Dimension of Values-Based Leadership: Character, Expectation, Fellowship, and Quest.  Using real-world examples as well as those from fiction (including some of the greatest leaders who never lived) we share practical strategies for helping everyone in your organization be a more effective leader, because in today’s world, we need leadership in every corner, not just in the corner office