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Module 1: From a Culture of Accountability to a Culture of Ownership

In today’s turbulent and competitive world, a highly engaged workforce and a culture of ownership are the only sustainable sources of competitive advantage.  Mere accountability is no longer enough; accountability is externally imposed motivation (having your feet held to the fire, being held accountable with rewards and punishments); a spirit of ownership is intrinsic motivation that does not require having someone else hold you accountable.  This module covers general strategies to foster a culture of ownership, provides a simple cultural assessment tool, and challenges your team with questions to spark thinking for the next five modules.

Sample Webinar for Module #1: From Accountability to Ownership

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Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit Workbook Introduction

Cultural Blueprinting Toolkit Workbook Table of Contents and List of Exercises

Sample Workbook Chapter for Module #1: From Accountability to Ownership



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